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Create your own Sweepstake

Whether you want to publish the contest on your blog page or Facebook page,
atipso offers the right solution.

Acquire new Fans and Contacts

One of the best possibilities to get new addresses, increase the number of Fans or just to go back in mind, is to host a Sweepstake.

atipso makes it simple and comfortable. Not only the set-up is customizable, also the rules and input-fields are defined by you.


  • 100% creative freedom with atipso’s Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Participation via registration form (the required fields can be selected)
  • Voting via Facebook login
  • Load CSV data as easily downv
  • Submitted content stored in the original format (except videos)
  • Secure database server
  • Data Transfer with SSL
  • Facebook App Generator
  • Embed on your site via embed code
  • Available on smartphones and iPads
  • Exclude individual countries
  • 100% Complaint with Facebook TOS
  • FAN GATE – function to attract new fans (optional)
  • User management, connect a single subscriber
  • Set number of winners including creation Rank
  • Automatic winner notification (optional)
  • Automatic postings to Walls ofparticipants (optional)
  • List view for an overview of entries
  • Sort Details, including participant-Avatar
  • Extensive sharing capabilities for users (increases viraity)