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Data privacy (excerpt from the Terms of Service)

The agent will adhere to all measures necessary in the handling of all personal data that are required by the stipulations of the data protection and telecommunications act and will take all technical and organizational measures necessary for the data privacy in the area of accountability of the agent. The agent especially commits their staff members to obligate to the stipulations of the data privacy act.

The agent is not obligated to verify the lawfulness of the clients conducted data handling within the terms and stipulation of the data privacy act. The client has to ensure the lawfulness of the personal data relinquishment to the agent as well as the using up of such data.

The agent takes all reasonable measures to secure the stored data and information of the client at the various locations against the illegal access of third parties. However, the agent will not be responsible if third parties managed to gain illegally access to the data and information.

Because of technical need it is necessary to gather and store certain personal data for the web-application atipso. The transmission and storage of sensitive data in this correlation is of course carried out with an encryption (SSL-Encryption). In the case of necessary alterations of the data protection measure, the clients will be informed in advance via Email and are able to deny their acceptance of the planned alterations within 14 days.

The client declares his acceptance of the fact that the information automatically collected and stored by the usage of the web-application subject matter of the contract, which are transmitted by the browser of the client, are temporarily stored for certain purposes (technical reasons, subsequent evidence in case of improper or illegal use, statistic anonymous analysis) and subsequently deleted.

In this correlation the client declares his acceptance of the agent using Google Analytics function.
The client accepts that for the agents solely own marketing purposes anonymous statistic analysis guest and user data are used. A transmission of the data to third parties is debarred, aside from nonfeasance against the agent. In that case data can be handed over to debt collector companies, Lawyers, Courts and public authorities.

Eventually the client accepts, as far as it is necessary for an user friendly submission, that the agent uses cookies.