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Engage your visitors with atipso’s
interactive online advent calendar!

Custom your own or use one of our templates.
With atipso, we customize solutions to your needs!

Free Templates or Custom Design

Choose a ready-made design from our free, beautiful templates or create your own. The easy-to-use atipso Page Builder allows you complete design freedom, even while your promotion is happening.
Thanks to our multi-channel technology you can show your Advent Calendar wherever your users will see it most often: your website, Facebook, blog, mobile channels or on your own landing page. Quite simply, we offer a complete step by step solution across marketing channels.

Quizzes, games and fun for your users = more leads for you

The atipso Advent Calendar offers you countless ways to entertain your users. And with a little creativity, you can bring daily engagement on your web and / or Facebook page:
  • Shop Daily Deals
  • Enter contests and Sweepstakes
  • Use profit and discount codes
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Turn in retail vouchers that YOU create

No time to create a calendar? No problem!

With the atipso “Make it so!” service, we create everything for you!
For only € 290 – we create the Advent Calendar for you. Log in here securely and easily and we’ll be back with you within a few hours. Your personal atipso Christmas Elves (or Elf) will contact you to talk about your brand and promotions and to discuss the possibilities with you. From there, we’ll proposes an action plan. Then we’ll put the Advent Calendar up for you and publish it to your desired channels.
Then, you can simply sit back and reap the benefits of many new contacts and interactions with your website.